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Holiday and Post-Holiday Parties!! We still have openings if you are looking for entertainment for parties! Not available Sat. Jan. 4 but Fridays 1/3, 1/10 and Saturdays Jan. 11 and 25th are wide open! Email or call 612 886 2345 for more info and to book a date. Happy Holidays f...

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Nov 22, 2019 – Nov 29, 2019

Dec. 14 is still available and we have plenty of open dates for after-holiday parties in Jan. and Feb. Drop us a line!

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Most so-called "professional" caricature "artists," who aren't really cartoonists at all but illustrators or portrait artists, take MUCH longer to draw a person's face than we do, no matter how hard they try. 25 faces per hour is at least twice as many as most can do. Hire us for your next party ...

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It's time to book us to draw caricatures for your HOLIDAY PARTIES! Christmas, New Year's, Hanukkah, Solstice, Pancha Ganapati, Bodhi Day,Kwaanza, Chalika ...I am going to run out of get the idea. We have a lot of openings this year so please give us a call at 612 886-2345. We are happ...

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3 years ago
I’ve encountered the couple numerous times at public events and they’ve both drawn me, my friends and families extremely well- every time! They’re very good at capturing the essence of your personality and your unique traits. I’d highly recommend them!
- underthe_ 3

Funny! Not Ugly!!! Cartoon Caricatures

We specialize in entertaining at events of all kinds in Minnesota, Wisconsin and neighboring states by drawing consistently fast, consistently funny, consistently right-on-target cartoon caricatures. We are veteran, professional, award-winning, widely published and exhibited, art degree holding cartoonists who draw up to 25 faces per hour. THAT IS 2-3 TIMES as many as most others who offer caricaturing at events! Most of our clients have invited us back every year for over 10 years, some for more than 30 years in a row, because we are such an outstanding and reliable hit with their guests. Our rates are super-competitive, especially considering the value we offer in terms of speed + quality + entertainment + experience.

The way we see people and the way we depict them in our caricatures is funny but kind. (Or as one little girl watching over Pete's shoulder declared of the way he draws: "IT'S FUNNY AND GOOD.") We know the difference between a comical cartoon caricature and a grotesque. We never "pick out the worst features and over-emphasize them" as almost all the others in this region of the country do. Our philosophy is that caricature is about CAPTURING THE ESSENCE in a truly COMICAL way that makes everyone laugh--you, your guests and the person being caricatured. Our drawings are clean, direct, simple, honest and truly "Funny! Not Ugly!!" cartoons. As the famous designer Mies van der Rohe put it, "Less is More." We do not have to cover up weak caricaturing with complicated embellishments and flourishes.

We have a natural gift for FUNNY. Nobody ever had to "train" us to TRY to be funny, and nobody CAN be "trained" to be funny!  That's one reason we are so fast. We don't have to sit there trying to figure out how to do it, it just comes naturally. We approach caricaturing at events as comedy with a marker and sketchpad rather than a microphone.

Most of our "competition," by contrast, are rather stuffy, self-absorbed, introverted, often ego-tripping "artist" types, a few of whom are very good at the technical side of producing neat, tidy drawings or even somewhat impressive ones, but who are way too much into attempting to apply formulas and to craft and draft finished "pieces" rather than doing what it takes to successfully entertain PEOPLE. Some of them are great in their own studios or retail situations selling caricature drawings. But think about what is really happening at an event: Your guests simply do not want to have to stand and wait in a long, long, slow line or sit for prolonged periods posing like a statue at an event. And slow artists end up disappointing too many who can't get a drawing after time runs out. Or they cost you a fortune because you have to hire so many artists in order not to disappoint so many of your guests.

Please be sure to visit our main website at if you are viewing on desktop computer or other large monitor OR go to if you are using a mobile or other small-screen device and watch the VIDEOS proving our claims of speed and see for yourself why we are the best for events. Read about WHY you MUST demand UN-EDITED VIDEOS in order to find out how many faces per hour an artist REALLY can do. (Unfortunately, many others are better at exaggerating their numbers than the faces they are drawing.) Read about the NEED FOR SPEED at events. Enjoy perusing our blog. Also take a look at our facebook page, where you can see hundreds of photos:

We are great at entertaining not just all ages with our caricaturing performances, but several other species, as well! Visit our main site to learn how we work with kids, dogs, college students, seniors, families... See PHOTOS of many who have had us caricature them on the home page and "about us" slideshows. More updates to the site are coming.

Our rates are not merely competitive--our rates are downright dirt cheap! We offer the greatest value hands down when you stop and think about how many of your guests we can draw and how exceptional our clients confirm we are as performers. So... we are your best bet for caricature artists to entertain at events! Give us a call at 612-886-2345 to set up a date or use the CONTACT form at our main website. For more info on HOW TO HIRE, visit

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